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Kansas: On-Site Air Seeder and Planter Repair

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Because we understand that the maintenance needs of each drill is unique, we offer zero-cost Airseeder and Planter inspections, anywhere in the US.

We send our equipment specialists to go over your equipment with you and develop a custom repair plan to tackle the maintenance of your tool.

We've been proud to serve the Kansas area since 2016, with a strong reputation for quality service and an established customer network.


To our amazing AG community:
In lieu of recent events, we would like to address the incredibly disappointing bigotry that still exists in today’s society.
Quality Drills has, and always will be an all inclusive company, celebrating, supporting and serving people of all races and cultures.
While we do provide on-site services in Kansas, throughout the US, & beyond, we have never worked with, nor endorsed companies such as “Kansas Airseeder Service” that participate in racist practices or otherwise; hate speech, crimes, discrimination, prejudice etc.
Messages of white supremacy or racism are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  We stand with our community, in support of our friends, families, and neighbors of all races and ethnicities.  
It’s time for a change.
                                    - Quality Drills

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Industry Leading Parts Warranty & Service Guarantee

Quality Drills is committed to providing industry-leading service and we promise to always stand behind our work for the life of a machine.  Our close relationships with the aftermarkets best and brightest minds enable us to offer a 3 year/30,000 acre warranty on many of the products we offer and a limited warranty on others.  We promise to always do things right the first time, and strive to follow up with our customers annually to ensure that our services and products stand the test of time. 

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